VIP Logistics - Indonesia

Fast and reliable logistics services for your export-import business from and to Indonesia

VIP Logistics - Indonesia, is a Shipping, Logistics, & Forwarding Company based in Indonesia, Our logistics and forwarding service is known for its exceptional speed and reliability. We understand the importance of delivering goods on time and in perfect condition. With our efficient processes and dedicated team, we ensure that your shipments reach their destinations promptly and safely. From handling documentation to organizing transportation, we take care of every aspect of the logistics process. Whether you need to transport goods locally or internationally, our experienced logistics experts are ready to provide you with top-notch service that you can trust. Experience seamless and hassle-free logistics solutions with us.

VIP Logistics-Indonesia, is a customer-focused logistics organization providing a wide range of services to meet your exact requirements.
aerial photo of pile of enclose trailer
aerial photo of pile of enclose trailer

Our Core Services :

  • Container Seafreight FCL Export/Import

  • Project Cargo, Container OOG, and Bulk Shipments

  • Special Cargo : Charcoal, DG/HAZ, Liquid, Millitary, High Value

  • Special Route : Russia, Redsea, Aden Gulf, Outport, etc.